Man with Britain’s largest pen!s reveals why he won’t get size reduction surgery

A man who has ‘Britain’s largest penis’ has revealed why he won’t get size reduction surgery despite all the downsides. Matt Barr, 40, a Cambridge University graduate, realised he had a bigger penis, measuring in at more than 12 inches than his peers during showers after PE at school.

During an appearance on This Morning on Tuesday, when host Ben Shephard asked if Matt had considered having an operation to minimise the size of his penis, he explained that he likely wouldn’t.Matt explained: ‘I have looked into this – it’s a very expensive surgery, it costs about £15,000 roughly. ‘It’s not done very often. It’s only done normally, in cases of tumours and things like that. In the case of normal function, it’s not common. ‘It’s difficult because it’s not something you really spring on people as a surprise because it just does scare people away generally. ‘But obviously [you don’t want to be] creepy and bring it up too early.

[So] how you start that conversation?’Matt, who is in the top 0.01% cent of penis sizes, previously appeared on Channel 4 programme ‘My Massive C***’ where he discussed his surgery options with Dr Nenad Djakovic, a specialist in urology.

He said he’d always wondered about what life would be like if he lost three or four inches from his length. But after he was told that even losing an inch from his penis could be ‘life-changing’, he decided against getting surgery.Dr Djakovic explained that the surgery would take place while he was erect and that they would amputate the amount he wanted gone before reconstructing it.

Matt asked if he could be reduced to nine inches, and have a couple of inches taken away from the girth. ‘We can’t do a salami technique,’ the doctor said. ‘Once you’ve had the surgery, that’s it.‘First of all, you should know that they are performed very seldomly because there are no clear statistics regarding success rate nor a clear statistic regarding the complication rate.‘Per year we have two or three patients performing this type of surgery.’Matt told the Metro: ‘It’s super rare actually.

It can lead to poor erectile health afterwards, it’s visually unappealing because of the way they cut away at it – you’re left with stitches and scars – and it’s a very severe choice.‘If I was in a long-term relationship I’d want that to be an option we could pursue, but you also have the thought of “what if I get a reduction and then I meet someone who would really like [me] when [I] was big?”.’

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